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Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is the organizing structure for the CEAA. Board members direct the actions and events of the organization throughout the year.

Executive Committee

  • President: Dr. Rene B. Testa MS’60, EngScD’63
  • Vice-President for Alumni Relations: Alex Ned BS’87, MS’90
  • Vice-President for Faculty Relations: Vijay Samant MS’77
  • Vice-President for Student Relations: Jack Yuen BS’03
  • Secretary: Bonnie Silvera BS’97
  • Treasurer: William Haney BS’81, MS’86

Board of Managers

  • Dr. Alexandra Baranetsky BS’74, ’80DM
  • Rayman Bovell BS’96
  • Patrick Bronner BS’88, MS’89
  • Rachel Friedman BS’02
  • Andy Gaspar BS’69
  • Helen Gurfel BS’96
  • Lilian Hsu BS’82
  • Nicholas Jennings BS’06
  • Jennifer Johnson BS’90
  • Luba Kagan BS’02
  • Jonathan Lung BS’06
  • Melissa McInerney BS’02, MS’05
  • Thomas McManus BS’81
  • Carolyn Meckler BS’84, MS’87
  • Tiffany Mills BS’04, ’04BC, MS’07
  • Kelsey Nix BS’84
  • Alexander Potulicki MS’10
  • Eric Schon BS’68
  • Dr. Ramon Verastegui MS’03, PhD’06
  • Fred Wang BS’95
  • David Wu MS’02
  • Jack Yuen BS’03

Past Presidents

Currently Active

  • Russell Baccaglini BS’63, MS’64, ProfD’72
  • Gregory Basso BS’68
  • Bradley Bloch BS’83
  • Ted Borri BS’51
  • George Hunter BS’53
  • Chester Lee BS’70, ’74BUS
  • K. Daniel Libby BS’82, MS’84
  • Anna Longobardo BS’49, MS’52
  • Dr. Guy Longobardo BS’49, MS’50, EngScD’62
  • Thomas Magnani BS’64
  • Ronald Mangione BS’69
  • Donald Ross BS’53
  • Daniel Schiavello BS’75, MS’76
  • Dr. Hitoshi Tanaka BS’63, MS’65, EngScD’76


  • Daniel Dicker BS’61
  • Arthur Graham Jr. BS’42, MS’50